Blue Yeti Microphone Review

If you’re looking for a Blue Yeti Review, well – you just found it! The Blue Yeti Microphone is PERFECT for recording music at home, recording podcasts, interviews, webinars and much much more.

In this Blue yeti review we’ll look at all of the top features of the microphone, the pros and cons of it, and even look at some reviews from OTHER real users who are using it.

This microphone not only LOOKS GOOD, but it’s great for recording musical instruments, voice-overs, vocals or even podcasts.

What’s So Special About the Blue Yeti Microphone?

The Blue Yeti microphone is a multi patterned USB microphone that combines a three capsule feature and offers four different pattern settings.

The triple capsule easily allows you to choose from different patterns that include cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional, allowing users many different recording options that would usually require the usage of several microphones.

The analog to digital converter sends the audio directly into your computer and has a built-in headphone amplifier which has controls for volume, pattern choice, immediate mute, and microphone gain.

No driver has to be installed, it just needs to be simply plugged into your PC or Mac.


The Yeti creates great quality recordings for the price it is. In addition, it can be mounted on a mic stand, but it’s also good for home recording and can easily be put on any desk, table or computer desk.

For gamers the Blue Yeti is a perfect choice with its quality. Also read the review for gaming microphones at

Its plug and play ability makes using it for the first time EXTREMELY simple, since you can just plug it straight into your computer, and be using it 15 seconds later.


Of course, the microphone does have its cons, though minimal in my opinion. At 12 inches tall and 3 1/2 pounds, it is quite large in size, making it rather difficult to carry, and not very portable. If you’re looking for a portable USB microphone, I will make other recommendations soon. One other con is its lack of a protective cover, but it is rather strong and I do not see it getting damaged very easily. icon smile Blue Yeti Microphone Review

It also seems to have a slight issue of handling noise when it’s connected to a regular mic stand, and doesn’t come with a shock mount, though these can be purchased separately. The condenser capsules should have been shock mounted on the inside. There is a possible question of durability, with its jiggly plastic knobs. you should probably get a blue yeti shock mount too if you’re buying it.

In my opinion, this mic is best for people who are going to use it to record podcasts, interviews, or home recordings, particularly acoustic sets.

Due to its large size, it’s probably not the ideal selection for somebody who needs a microphone they can travel with, and there also isn’t a protective cover with it. Being that there is a question of its durability, it’s probably best to use this microphone in a stationary manner and keep it in one spot.

Similar microphones are priced much higher and don’t always deliver the quality that this microphone seems to have.

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